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Tất cả phần nhựa trên sản phẩm đều được làm từ nhựa nguyên sinh CHỈ ĐỊNH sử dụng trong y tế. Được thiết kế cấu trúc chính xác khi vận hành, HOÀN TOÀN không lắc về các phương. Lực đẩy của kim phụ thuộc vào phốt silicon tạo ra lực đàn hồi CHÍNH XÁC khi trực tiếp đẩy mực xuống lớp hạ bì và ngăn mực tràn vào máy

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Unparalleled quality. Unbeatable prices

We were founded on the belief that good prices doesn't always have to mean compromosing quality. However, wiht current industry standards, we were stuck in the same dilemma as everyone else, force to either:

A. Mortage away our homes just to buy decent quality tattoo equipment OR

B. Settle for cheap, mediocre Chinese products we'd be ashamed to be seen with in public

This fueled our mission in making positive difference for out fellow tattooers by producing our own brand of premium quality tattoo equipment. but at affordable prices.

Of course, we couldn't do this alone.

Your continued support & speading the world about our products helped us get where we are. Together, we can make a change & give back to the tattoo community!



"Built by tattoo artists, Design for tattoo artists"

Founder by Minh Duc, who not only is a career tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience, but also come from a rich, diverse professional background having worked as mechanical engineer, CNC machinery operator, R&D technology scientist, & electronics technician.

It is this rare combination of knowledge & experience, dedication to innovation & more importantly - deep rooted history & understanding of the tattoo artist craft - that seperates us from other brands - most of whom are money-hungry corporate bigwigs who have no connection to the tattoo community

In short, we aren't a bunch of investors looking to make a buck. Our employees consist of tattoo artists / engineers with extensive experience in tattoo machines & needles - we understand exactly what a tattoo artist wants & needs.


Unprecedented Quality Control, Unrivaled Safety Standards

At Gravit, we ensure the quality of our items by employing six stages of inspection to oversee everything - from the manufacturing process all the way to shipping your orders.

We use only high-quality medical grade materials, throughly check every single needle under a high-definition digital microscope before assembly, assembly cartridges in a specially built clean rom with ISO-8 standars, as well as EO sterilize & individually package all disposable items.